Welcome to the Like A Saturday forum of my site. Here, you can share your ideas about crafting and planning events.

I have created this section to for us to catch up about crafting things. I hope that you can contribute some of your thoughts and ideas to inspire others. Please be aware that we are talking about these to share knowledge and ideas to like-minded people. I wish that you can participate and make the forum meaningful and ensure the engagement between us.

I would love to begin the conversation, so I already posted my comment to start the thread.

Do you like my DIY christmas decoration that I featured on my blog? Can someone share his or her ideas too, to add in our collection of DIY Christmas decorations?

Hi, Rachel! I hope you’re doing fine. By the way, I really love your work and I tried it on last week. I have something on my mind to add on your crafting. Why don’t you use an empty bottle of wine and make them decorative for Christmas? I bet empty wine bottles can also be used for any occasion. It is simple yet useful.

Hello, Grace! Thank you for your wonderful idea. I will sure make something crafty using wine bottles. By the way, I already used cola bottles as a valentine gift.

Hi everyone! Thank you for the nice ideas you’ve shared. I love crafting so much and I want to share my ideas as well. I have created Christmas wreaths using only pine cones, grapevine and evergreen garlands. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them. Plus, it’s so easy to do.


Hello, Mira, thank you for your great idea. I hope my readers had fun today and had a lot of learning on crafting.

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