Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s December already. Christmas is just around the corner. Since, a lot of you are asking me to do the easiest DIY Christmas decorations, I will do it now. The last time, I had posted some Christmas decorations and others said that it was a little difficult to follow. This time, I’m not going to give you one idea but few of the easiest ideas I have and the fact that you don’t have to spend loads of dollars to make them. Let’s get going!

Paint your doormat – Of course, you don’t want to greet your visitors with the uninviting doormat on the floor. If you have any plain doormat, just paint it with white graphic trees using stencil.

Paint your Mirror – Your mirror that you placed in your living room area need to upgrade. Use washable paint marker to draw a few snow flakes on the side part of the mirror.

Spruce it up –

Schedule a cleaning session in your house. Spread cheers throughout the house by placing some pine boughs in big plain vases. It has good smell too that leaves your home smelling fresh.

Display Christmas greetings –
Using old or new frames can actually work with this DIY. Just print out any Christmas greeting on your computer printer. Remember to use paper according to the size of your frame. Put your printed greetings on the frame and hang it on your wall or simply place it on center or side tables.

Make your home as festive as possible for the Christmas season. I hope you will enjoy this week’s DIY. They are so simple and easy to make yet so elegant and you can feel the Christmas vibes with each decoration. I’m happy that you’re hanging out with me plus, I will be happier if you follow this simple DIYs and apply it to your home for this coming Christmas season.

See you next time!

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