I began my Like A Saturday website in year 2012. I am married and a full time mom to my two beautiful kids. Years ago, when we were planning our wedding, we already bought our house. Me and my husband set about self decorating our house. We both enjoy updating our home and doing so on a shoestring budget. We try to work with what we have, combined with updating thrifting/garage sale finds and scouting out the best deals. I get seriously excited over a good deal. From then, I create a website where I could share my crafting ideas and projects to all the mothers out there who also want to do crafting and save their budget on pricey decoration items.

I taught my kids a lot on how to craft even if it’s a simple project, it will help them to grow their creativity and art work. I believe that they need us to teach them crafty things while they were young.

Every day, I start my morning routine with coffee and some other stuff before doing my crafts. After finishing, I post it on my website every week to give my readers an update on my work. I love being crafty, decorating my home and planning events. I’m passionate about DIYs. Moreover, I put extra effort in what I am doing right now. I believe that being a housewife, a mother, in charge of the house and sharing my little knowledge on crafting to everyone is one of my important purposes in life. Hence, I have no regrets in everything that I do.

Thank you for stopping by on my website. I am very glad that you’re here hanging out with me. I hope you will always visit me for more crafty ideas and in planning the decoration of your next event.

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